Illustration Friday: Ice Cream

Weekly illo for Illustration Friday. This week was ice cream. My favorite flavors include rainbow sherbet, the colors of which are perfect for a fun and summery picture. 


New Work | Princesses of the YMCA

This piece is a sketch that I liked so much, I decided to make it into a full color illustration. The arms of these princesses looked like the letters of the YMCA... so I went with it. I think this will make a great poster, perhaps as inspiration for other princesses out there to get to the gym!

I'll post again if I make a poster of this. If you are interested, please let me know in the comments!

Playing with Pastels

I developed my illustration process while at Pratt, where I learned this from Kent Williams in his Methods class. It knocked my socks off and I used it from that point forward. However, what I have found over time, as my pieces got more detailed, is that the time invested using this method pretty much discouraged me from doing a larger body of work. For example, the Little Red Riding illustration took over 50 hours from start to finish. Some illustrators might consider this par for the course, or the price to pay for a specific look.. but all it has done for me is slow me down.

So, I have been working with pastels to achieve a similar result, and I have found that it takes a fraction of the time to complete. I'm pretty excited about this, after having made a few "doodles" from sketches in my sketchbook and finding that they each did indeed take only about an hour or two to complete. I can see a lot of potential here. 

These were the first two little doodles that were created using pastels.

Cabuchon girl

 Bald juggler

Bald juggler

 Plate spinner. That's me!

Plate spinner. That's me!